Photo by Lucette Romy

Photo by Lucette Romy

I have always been passionately curious about wellness. Having various health issues in my life motivated me to find a way to maintain harmony within the mental, emotional, and physical body. In an age of contradictory information when it comes to our health, it is so important to find high-quality natural products that are made in a sustainable way.

Four years ago I did a yoga teacher training. I had IBS, indigestion, chronic acne, and intense anxiety. The woman who trained me introduced me to essential oils. I quickly experienced the power these plant medicines have. However, not all oils are created equal. I did so much research on finding a brand with integrity that is high quality. This is when I found doTERRA…..

The Path to Wellness

 Photo by Lucette Romy

Photo by Lucette Romy

After experiencing the healing that essential oils can offer, the quality of my life changed massively. When I had panic attacks, my safety blankets were “Calm” and “Breathe” oil, combined with a heated yoga class. I started diffusing lavender oil at night and putting it on my wrists. The powerful aroma helped quiet my mind and lull me into a deep sleep. I use reflexology on my feet, diluting Deep Blue with coconut oil and pressing on certain acupressure points to relieve my low back pain. As you can tell…there are a lot of different ways to use these plant medicines. When you discover what your biggest pain points are, whether it be an emotional, physical, or financial struggle…you can leverage the power of mother nature to transform your life in a way of absolute integrity.

Long story short: I use these oils in all areas of my life. I bring them on my retreats, to the yoga classes I teach. I use them when I write. I use them when I cook and clean. At first I was hesitant about buying them, but then I realized I was already paying for products like soap, deodorant, face wash, etc. that had chemicals in them. So I figured I could invest the same amount of money in a conscious company that is helping positively impact the world. These essential oils are….well….essential.

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Why Doterra?

  • Beyond having the highest quality products, doTERRA has an unwavering commitment to the farmers and growers who bring us these botanical beauties. They cultivate the herbs where they are indigenous to, which makes them the most healing, still using ancient practices.

  • It's important we support farmers using the traditional distillation practices to protect the land and it's people. doTERRA pays farmers 4x what they normally make to ensure they're using ancient practices and to keep the industry alive. They've helped hundreds of thousands of women get out of sex trafficking by providing them with jobs to cultivate these oils in countries like kenya, vietnam and guetemala. Entire families and communities are supported by their partnership with doTERRA.

  • doTERRA is the only certified therapeutic grade oil out there and is third party tested, which no other oil is.

  • They support a culture of empowerment, called collaborative business— everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their life looks like, can benefit from this extraordinary business model. (A nice change of pace from the everyone-for-themselves competition we were conditioned to be a part of in corporate world)

  • Above all, they honor Mother Nature — if something can’t be done sustainably, they don’t do it.

When you are ready to get your oils, follow these steps:

1. Click this link:

2. Click Become a Member on top

3  Select Wholesale Customer (you’ll receive a generous 25% off your oils).
4. Enter your personal information and select your kit. I recommend the Home Essentials Kit as it has all of the main oils so you can get really familiar with the health benefits and experience a FULL lifestyle change.
5. Process your payment and do a happy dance!

6. RECOMMENDED: Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) on the spot. If you process 100pv every month you qualify to earn income. If you place 125pv on the 7th of every month you receive a FREE gift from dōTERRA every month.

The Path to Financial Freedom


What if you could…

control your own schedule (get that morning self-care routine in!)

heal people on a weekly basis

have the time and funds to support your creative projects

support those in need in developing countries

protect the environment

be a part of a supportive community that genuinely wants the best for you

This opportunity makes all of this possible.

Path to Freedom was created by essential oil expert and blue diamond members Nick and Melissa Ambrosini. You will get the most out of the Path to Freedom training if you are someone who wants to dive right in and can see themselves within the next year quitting their full-time job to pursue their heart’s calling because they are fully supported by the revenue they’ve created in this business. In fact, we have many people on the Path to Freedom team who have quit their full-time jobs because they are 100% supported by their doTERRA business. 

Imagine how incredible it would be if you could allow your friends, parents, husband or YOURSELF to retire, so you can spend your time doing what you love ?

Path to Freedom teaches you exactly how.

You will be…..

  • guided step-by-step by a supportive team that wants you to succeed.

  • have monthly live strategy calls—I’ll be mentoring you and answering any of your questions. You will get all the support you need to lead workshops, retreats, or use social media to build your business in an authentic way.

  • We will teaching you how the oils work to create optimal mental, emotional, and physical well being. The training will help you to adopt an abundance mindset, overcoming mental blocks and more! This is my time to be of service to you as we work to grow together impacting the world in a positive way.

  • How to build an abundant and stable ‘tree’ within doTERRA, so that you can maximize your compensation. I was so overwhelmed in understanding how all of this works at first, but there is nothing like this training anywhere — Nick and Melissa have truly nailed it, and we’re so lucky to have their insights in a program that is completely accessible.

My Personal Journey


The truth is, I wasn’t even using doTERRA as a business. I genuinely fell in love with the oils years ago and just incorporated them as an essential part of my lifestyle. Until my incredible friend Sahara Rose (best-selling author and incredible expert on Ayurvedic medicine) helped me realize the incredible opportunity that Path to Freedom offered. We don’t have to choose between doing what we love, and being financially abundant. Now I am part of a team built on empowerment that is motivated to being of service to the world and lifting as many people up as possible. I would love for you to be on that team with me.

Is network marketing for me?

I had this same hesitation at first too and I'm so glad I overcame this limiting belief. We’re all very sensitive to advertisements nowadays, and I have always had an allergy to pyramid schemes. doTERRA opened my mind to collaborative marketing. The truth is, you’re already a network marketer. In fact, we all are.

 When you recommend your favorite tea, your swear-by yoga mat, that must-see movie
.. that is network marketing. You are marketing to your community.

And they were most likely extremely grateful for the recommendation!

In fact, it is MORE authentic because it is coming from a person they trust, with a product of integrity they actually use!

 Now imagine if you got a commission for that recommendation that you genuinely live. It's a win-win! You are sharing a product that you love and believe in and are being reciprocated for it. 

 Unlike other companies, there are no monthly minimums and you can quit anytime. You can even outearn the person who referred you! There is total freedom in this model.


We call this collaborative marketing.

  • This opportunity is MADE for you if...

  • You genuinely love and use these oils, and are passionate about improving the quality of life of those around you.

  •  You desire a life of freedom— freedom in your income, your time, your lifestyle, your wellbeing, all of it. This desire is what will fuel you. 

  • You’re a self-starter. You’re willing to show up and do the work. You know that your success is a reflection of the effort you put into this business 

  • You love celebrating others — you know there is more than enough to go around and you celebrate others’ wins as YOUR wins 

If you’re ready to take your path to freedom…

(How cool—a business where you don’t have to invest all your money into to get started—and still reap all the rewards!)

When you are ready to get your oils and start your business, follow these steps:

1. Click this link: 

2. Click Become a Member on top

3  Select Wholesale Customer (you’ll receive a generous 25% off your oils). Do NOT enroll as Wellness Advocate until we’ve chatted with you—this can adversely affect your business!
4. Enter your personal information and select your kit. I recommend Home Essentials Kit if you want to get started on it as a business because that way you'll have an understanding of all the oils and can use those oils for your workshops/ samples. The incredible thing about joining doTERRA is it is the most AFFORDABLE way you can start your own business. Most businesses cost tens of thousands to start and your only expense are some delicious essential oils! You will also get additional freebies from me and the team! Talk about a win-win! 
5. Process your payment! I will get notified when you joined and be in touch with your personal log-in details to welcome you to Path to Freedom + Path to Wellness!

6. Crucial Business step - Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) on the spot. This program is your ONLY business overheads for this freedom business. You must process 100pv every month to qualify to earn income. I recommend placing 125pv on the 7th of every month to make sure you receive a free gift from dōTERRA every month.