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Inpower is a signature event designed to open, heal and transform anyone ready to make a major shift in their lives. Through the use of conscious breath work, healing meditation, and movement, participants will find the courage and tools to step into their authentic power.

Shadow Dance is a unique opportunity to work with our shadow sides in a safe environment without words. Using only movement to release the energy trapped in our bodies, participants will be guided by professional dancer and movement artist Dakota Adan into an experience that is sure to leave them profoundly changed for the better.

The Death Meditation is an ancient practice utilizing the visualization of ones own death and final moments on this earth to inspire one to live more. This practice will deliver you from your final breath back into a second chance at this life with an all new perspective and new found hope.

Breathwork is one of the fastest tools for healing and transformation. Everyone can benefit from this incredible practice. People have commonly reported having transcendent experiences, and using it to aid with anything ranging from trauma release, depression, PTSD anxiety, etc. Allie’s breath work combines multiple techniques to leave you feeling clear, empowered, and more connected with yourself than before.

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Join us in Los Angeles at our secret location

November 23rd 2019


The death meditation It’s so hard to put into words.

I said goodbye to the people who brought me into this world & saw them in a way I’ve never seen before, not as my parents but as humans. Humans who were struggling with things I knew nothing about & I’ll never forget seeing my father as a little boy during this meditation & feeling a piece of me find peace. 

I’m terrified of death & this experience sent me into the arms of that fear. I emerged grateful for all the chances I have on this earth & less worried about the end & wholly lit up for all the nows. I wish I had better words, this doesn’t do it justice. So hard to explain something that has to be lived. - Sam Mahaffy