The Muse Poetry Workshop

with Allie Michelle


May 29th at 11AM PST

We’re all storytellers. It’s in our nature. Every second that passes is an exchange of memories. We’re filling in the blank pages of our lives that we will never get back. The way we spend our moments shapes the way our stories turn out. So what will you pass on? Whether you've never written a poem in your life or are a master of the written word, this class is an opportunity to break through creative blocks and the "judge" in our minds that stops us from being bold in our art. This class is an opportunity to transform your pain into purpose, turning your experiences into a work of poetry.

Where is the class hosted?

This workshop will be hosted on Zoom. You will receive a link after purchase. The workshop will be for 90 minutes and won't be recorded so make sure to mark it in your calendar! Please bring a journal and a pen. We'll be focusing on storytelling, writing exercises, poetry, and you'll have an opportunity to perform or ask questions about publishing your own collection!

About your guide

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Allie Michelle

Allie Michelle is a 2x best-selling writer, artist, and wellness teacher.  With a passion for learning, she has continued to expand her studies becoming a certified yoga, meditation, breath work teacher and craniosacrlal therapist. Her passion for health and wellness has lead her to lead several transformative retreats around the world.  Her first book, Explorations of a Cosmic Soul, became an instant Amazon bestseller as a breakout voice in the modern age of poetry, and she has just released her highly anticipated second collection The Rose that Blooms in the Night with a top publishing house. Allie continues to give voice to and touch the hearts of a new generation of poets and artists online, leading over half a million dreamers in her online community.